Good food is one of life’s little pleasures:

Yes, you can do without it, and yes, if you haven’t had it, you won’t miss it.  But, oh, isn’t it gloriously satisfying to eat a delicious meal?

I started this website Diana’s Kitchen on 8th January 2016:

As the name implies, it’s going to be about one of my favourite things – food.

My Recipes are Quick and Easy, Suitable for Students, People Who Have Never Cooked Before, and Inexperienced Cooks:

My recipes don’t require a great deal of skill, and are therefore suitable for beginners who are not sure where to start, as well as for people who just want to know how to cook a specific item or good basic food.  I don’t go in for nouvelle cuisine and ornamental baking – my cooking is more basic.


All my family are food lovers.  I was brought up in a family where mealtimes were social affairs. We all ate together.  Apart from the War years, we ate meat or fish twice a day, ate lots of fruit and vegetables, had occasional puddings, and good cheese, the smellier the better. My family moved from England to Africa when I was a child and there was an abundance of tropical fruit.

My parents had a cook, and I wasn’t even allowed in the kitchen in case I got in the cook’s way – I didn’t even know how to boil an egg until I was 18 and left home in Africa to see England .

When I got married in London, my mother-in-law taught me how to cook, as I hadn’t a clue. I could do a nice piece of toast, but that was about all.

My parents-in-law ran a popular restaurant serving good traditional English meals, and I often visited them in the kitchen where I would help out, and my children would play with dough and make pastry things to keep them entertained.  Both of them learned to cook at an early age and we all like experimenting with different flavours and spices.

tomatoes on  vine 2012-07-17 09.29.04 250

I Often Experiment With New Dishes:

I do like trying food from different countries, and I enjoy shopping in ethnic shops, trying to guess the contents by looking at the pictures, sometimes asking people who speak the language.  Often they look quite pleased that someone English is asking about their national dishes, and are eager to explain how to use various ingredients.  I live in London, and our local market food hall sells oriental and middle eastern food as well as offerings from Mauritius, Greece, Turkey, the West Indies, Poland and the Balkans, so we are spoilt for choice.

I do hope you will experiment too – the suspense will raise your adrenalin, as you put the first bite in your mouth, but the effort will be worth it…..and remember the words of Confucius: “Even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”.



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