Kitchen Disaster Averted

When cooking curry, I often like to cook a bit extra, so that I can put some aside and freeze it to eat later – I normally label and date the boxes.

Not long ago, I had invited a friend over for dinner. I didn’t feel in the mood for cooking from scratch, so, knowing he likes curry, I looked in the freezer and pulled out a couple of food boxes of two different chicken curries which I had cooked and frozen recently, and labelled accordingly.

Then, just before said friend arrived, my partner said why don’t we ask our neighbour across the road to pop over for a meal at the same time, so she could meet our friend. I phoned and she said she’d come over shortly…. So now we didn’t have quite enough food.

I scuffled around in the freezer and found a third curry, unlabelled, with plenty of greenish coconut sauce and onions, and decided it would do.

curry frozen cropped

I half unfroze the three curries in the microwave, and then, whilst the rice was cooking, I got out my wok and chucked in the three curries, thinking that, although the sauces were each slightly different, they would still taste nice all mixed in together, as I usually use similar spice and herbs.

I began to stir the curries to combine them, congratulating myself on being able to throw together a gourmet(ish) meal in 15 minutes. Then, to my horror, as the sauces finished melting, I discovered that two of them were indeed chicken, but the third coconut green curry was a fish curry. Can you imagine? Lumps of chicken, and a few lumps of fish floating around on top? Thinking quickly, I carefully fished out the fish pieces, popped them back in one of the boxes, and hid the evidence in the fridge. It was too late to remove the sauce, which had blended in with the chicken sauce.

I tasted it:Unusual, but not unpleasant – fish taste somewhat disguised by coconut, chilli and spicy flavors.

I said not a word: Just served it over the rice, and presented it to my friends with my best hostess smile. And they ate it all up without a murmur, one of them even stating that it was delicious.

Moral of the story?

(a) Always label the food you freeze; and

(b) In the event of pending disaster, don’t panic – just act as though nothing has happened, and people will have faith in your ability.


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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Disaster Averted

  1. Sandy KS February 21, 2016 at 11:58 pm Reply

    Quick thinking, you now have created a new recipe for curry.

    Liked by 1 person

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