Do you think we throw away too much food?

plate of leavings1100 2014-09-08 19.05.31

What a Waste – I’m Not a Mathematician, but if you Multiply This by 365 days, You’d Have Enough to Feed One Person for a Month

And are supermarket “sell-by” and “use-by” dates a bit of a con to encourage us to buy more food, and throw out perfectly edible stuff?

Are you worried about exceeding these dates, or do you just use them as a guideline, but no more?

Have you been ill because you re-cooked chicken? If so, has it stopped you?

Have your habits changed during the recession? If they stuck to the rules, how would poor people such as beggars and the homeless fare – would they relax the health rules a bit, and, if so, would they necessarily become ill from food poisoning?

Would You Eat Any of This Cheese or Would You Throw it Away in Disgust?

I would cut away the greeny bits and eat the rest, which would be very ripe, and therefore  very strong, which is how I like my cheese.

Whilst on the subject of thrift:

A new very cheap foodstore has just opened in North West London on 3rd February 2016: It’s owned by founder of EasyJet, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, and is called easyFoodstore.  Apparently it is selling everything at 25p as a promotional gimmick, but nothing will later be sold at more than 50p. and it doesn’t sell fresh food.  It is intended for people on a very low income and the papers say it sold out completely today – empty shelves and disappointed customers all round before closing time, and it had to close early as there was nothing left.




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